Behind the Swinging Doors: NoMI Petite Mustard Greens Salad Recipe

Last week we gave you a peek of shaved French Breakfast Radishes that are used in our signature Petite Mustard Greens Salad. Now we’re giving you the recipe from behind the swinging doors of our kitchen.

When creating this salad Sous Chef, Keith Potter, was inspired by the seasonality of mustard greens which are at their freshest during the Spring and Summer Months.

keith (blog) 7.2

“I love the combination of fried lemon, which is a unique ingredient, toasted sunflower seeds, and the espelette pepper which adds some heat – all this really rings true of summer – it’s light, crisp and crunchy.” – Keith Potter, Sous Chef

Check out the recipe below and let us know how you enjoyed the salad!


Baby Mustard Greens & Ruby Streak Mustard Greens (from Werp Farms)
Curly Kale
French Breakfast Radishes (from Werp Farms)
Jalapenos (pickled in-house at NoMI)
Toasted Sunflower Seeds
Barrel-Aged Sheep’s Milk Feta Cheese
NoMI’s House-Made Brown Butter Vinaigrette
Wundra Flower
Espelette Pepper


Combine Baby Mustard Greens, Ruby Streak Mustard Greens, and Curly Kale
Thinly shave French Breakfast Radishes and add to mix
Adorn with lightly pickled Jalapenos, Toasted Sunflower Seeds, Feta Cheese

ingredients (blog) 7.2

Dress with NoMI’s house-made Brown Butter Vinaigrette

For garnish, dredge sliced Lemon in Wundra flower (it has an anti-caking agent that will give the lemons a crisp, golden-brown coloring) and deep fry at 350°.

fryer (blog) 7.2lemon (blog) 7.2

Sprinkle with a dash of Espelette Pepper for seasoning. Enjoy!

salad (blog) 7.2

Get to NoMI – Joey Garziano

Next up in our Get to NoMI series, where we’ll be introducing our fabulous staff members each Monday, is Joey Graziano, NoMI Garden Server.


Favorite item on the NoMI menu:
Prawns and soba noodle salad from the new Summer Lunch menu!

Favorite Chicago summer activity:
Brunch on an outdoor patio

Something you might not now about him:
Joey has a Bachelor’s in Musical Theater, Tap Dance, Jazz and Ballet!

If he could bring anyone to NoMI, who would it be and why:
Jane Fonda wearing pearls – she was in NoMI Garden 2 summers ago and he was her server!

Park Hyatt Chicago

Get to NoMI – Introducing our NoMI Staff Members on Mondays!

Every Monday throughout the summer season, we’ll be introducing our fabulous staff members in a new series, Get to NoMI.

The first member of our team we want you to get to know is Junni Liu, Reservationist.

Junni Liu - USED 6.23

Favorite item on the NoMI menu:
Crab cakes

Favorite Chicago summer activity:
BBQs on Lakeshore

Something you might not know about her:
Loves to sing karaoke and is an expert violin player (she has even won awards!)

If she could bring anyone to NoMI, who would it be and why:
Her grandmother, who raised Junni and her brother from when they were infants. She is finally coming in October!


Chicago Bike Week


From June 13-June 20, Chicagoans are welcome to participate in a citywide event that emphasizes commuting to work by bike during Chicago Bike Week. With numerous participants and organizations involved in its vision, the week will inspire residents and visitors alike to step out into the sunshine and commute to work and beyond in a more sustainable fashion.

The week includes a variety of cycling-inspired events, concluding with the Bike To Work Rally, a jam-packed celebration in Daley Plaza, providing complimentary breakfast for participants, and businesses hosting a small fair to provide biking knowledge and tips to the Rally’s numerous visitors. For insight into the plethora of events offered, please find a complete schedule below for all of the Chicago Bike Week events available to you.


Kickstart by Mountain Dew Bike Valet at the Chicago Blues Festival

Friday, June 13 – Sunday, June 15, 2014, at 11am & 9:30pm

Grant Park, Butler Field (Southeast corner of Columbus and Monroe)

Complimentary bike valet will be offered by Kickstart by Mountain Dew for those who ride their bike to Grant Park’s Chicago Blues Festival throughout the entire weekend.


Bike Chicago Film in Millennium Park featuring Rushmore

Monday, June 16, 2014, at 8:30pm

Millennium Park, Pritzker Pavilion (201 E. Randolph St.)

The protagonist in film Rushmore can be seen riding his bicycle everywhere he goes; celebrate the bicycle’s role in modern cinema with this free movie screening in Millennium Park.


Divvy Style Pop-Up Shops

Tuesday, June 17, 2014, from 8:30am-3pm

Federal Plaza Farmers Market, 230 S. Dearborn

Visit a fair of fun pop-up shops celebrating bike fashion featuring Chicago designers with this Divvy Bike sponsored market.


Near North Bike Tour

Wednesday, June 18, 2014, at 6:30pm

Starts at Buckingham Fountain

Join fellow avid bike enthusiasts with a complimentary two-hour bicycle tour of the Near North Side, featuring a tour guide from Chicago Neighborhood Bike Tours.


Life Time Cycle Palooza

Thursday, June 19, 2014, at 5:30pm

Cloud Gate in Millennium Park (201 E. Randolph St.)

Join other cyclists for what may be the largest complimentary outdoor spin class, with over 200 participants. A DJ and certified spin instructor will provide a fun and energized workout, and bikes will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

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What Women Want featuring Stephanie Horton


We know what women want, which is why we’re interviewing top business savvy women on their top travel essentials.

This week in “What Women Want,” we will be featuring Stephanie Horton. Stephanie is the Chief Marketing Officer at responsible for developing and executing the global Marketing and Communications strategy including global press, strategic partnerships, market strategy, advertising, celebrity, and Social Media. A fifteen-year veteran of the luxury, fashion, and marketing communities, Stephanie has developed and executed creative marketing solutions for both domestic and international brands in a diverse range of genres.  She started her career in the fashion office of Dayton Hudson/Marshall Fields in Chicago and later transitioned into marketing and promotions, where she served as Account Director at Draft Worldwide in Chicago and then in New York as Marketing Director at The New York Times Co., followed by Vogue Magazine where she was the Executive Director of Creative Services and Communications. Most recently, Stephanie was the Head of Global Communications at, responsible for developing and executing Shopbop’s global communications and PR strategy for the U.S, China, Australia, Russia, Japan and Western Europe. Stephanie currently splits her time between London and New York.

  • What’s the most unconventional item in your carry-on?

I always carry a sewing kit.

  • At 10,000 feet, what gadget do you reach for?

My iPad.

  • What book or e-magazine is currently on your Kindle or iPad?

The White Princess by Philippa Gregory.

  • What is your guilty pleasure purchase at Kiosk before take-off?

US Weekly, In Touch, and Life & Style.

  •  If you could create an app to help you with your travels, what would it do?

It would check me in and give the hotel all of my preferences, so all I would have to do when I get to the hotel is walk into my room.

  • What’s the most recently played downloaded song on your iPod or Spotify?

I’m loving all of the songs on Magna Carta…Holy Grail from Jay-Z and I’m an old school Prince fan, so Little Red Corvette.

  • Heathrow —> ______


Wednesday Wellness Tip



At NoMI Spa, wellness extends far beyond the spa doors. Today we share our Wednesday Wellness tip from one of our NoMI Spa Massage Therapists, Chris Allaun:

It is important to cleanse the body of impurities and toxins. Our bodies build up toxins from our food, pesticides, pollution and environmental factors and need to purify themselves via the kidneys, liver, and skin. To aid in detoxifying ourselves, there are a few simple tips you can follow.

#1 Increase your water intake. Water helps to keep our organs and circulatory system hydrated while we detoxify.

#2 Exercise is also a very simple way; by moving our muscles, we help our lymphatic system drain pollutants. As we increase our heart rate, we are moving our blood through the liver and kidneys faster.

#3 Steam rooms or steam baths are an excellent way to detoxify. By sweating, we are purifying the body. This takes some of the workload off of the liver and kidneys and is a very effective and simple way to detoxify. Steam baths have the added benefit of warming stiff and sore muscles and can lessen muscle pain and fatigue. There are many different ways to cleanse the body of toxins; the important thing to remember is to do something that is fun and makes you feel rejuvenated!

What Women Want featuring Naomi Beckwith

NB Headshot (2)

We know what women want, which is why we’re interviewing top business savvy women on their top travel essentials.

This week in “What Women Want,” we will be featuring Naomi Beckwith. Naomi Beckwith is the Marilyn and Larry Fields Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. She has curated, juried and written for several art projects internationally and looks forward to presenting the work of Chicago artist, William J. O’Brien, in January. Her most recent exhibition, Homebodies, is on view at the MCA until October 13th.

What’s the most unconventional item in your carry-on?

Firstly, I make it a point to only do carry-on, no matter how long the trip. I also carry a bikini everywhere all year round as you never know when a pool is going to pop up at a hotel or party. For longer trips an epilator, rather than razor, is my friend.

At 10,000 feet, what gadget do you reach for?

A cashmere wrap. It’s cold up there!

What book or e-magazine is currently on your Kindle or iPad?

I’m totally retro and savor turning the smartphones and screens off during flying. But I do always have the latest issue of The Economist magazine and a book with me. I’m looking forward to starting Americanah by Chimamanda Adichie on my next flight.

What is your guilty pleasure purchase at Kiosk before take-off?

Gossip rags, of course! It’s even better when someone from the prior flight leaves them at the seat.

If you could create an app to help you with your travels, what would it do?

Pull up a copy of my passport on my smartphone.

What’s the most recently played downloaded song on your iPod or Spotify?

Cody Chestnutt’s soulful “Chips Down in No Landfill” which, incidentally, I first heard on a Lufthansa flight.

Fill in the blank:

ORD à JFK/LGA is the most common. Though EZE (Buenos Aires) is coming right up.


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