NoMI Brand Ambassador ‘Class of 2012’ – Ardie Farhadieh

Ardie Farhadieh is The Billions Corporation’s Marketing and Media Manager, overseeing all marketing, media, and sponsorships for a roster of over 200 artists.

A native of Chicago, Ardie came to Billions from Rethink Music in Boston, a solutions-focused music conference hosted by Berklee College of Music and Midem, where he spent eight months as project manager overseeing the programming, booking, marketing, and production of all aspects of the conference. During his time with Rethink Music, Ardie was able to attain significant growth and put Rethink Music on the map as one of the leading music conferences in North America.

Prior to Rethink Music, Ardie was an Agency Associate at The Windish Agency, where he handled all day-to-day contracting, advancing, offers, and negotiations for approximately 90 artists. While at Windish, Ardie developed the associate role along with his colleagues and collaboratively transformed the position into what it is today.

Ardie is a music business graduate, summa cum laude, from Berklee College of Music. He currently serves as a junior board member for Rock For Kids in Chicago. When not working or at a concert, Ardie can be found playing the violin, the backbone for the musical path he has chosen to this day. An ardent lover of innumerable genres of music—from electronic to rock, and from classical to acoustic—he loves nothing more than to turn people on to new music, and constantly connects people to artists and sounds they might otherwise never have heard. His DJ sets in both New York and Cannes have garnered rave reviews from hard-to-please audiences. Music is his passion, and he shares it everywhere he goes.

Get to know Ardie a little better:

Name: Ardie Farhadieh

Twitter Handle: @ardieparty

Title: Marketing Manager, The Billions Corporation

Sign: Taurus

Neighborhood: Wicker Park

Favorite Band/Artist: I’m listening to a different artist at any given moment but tend to revert back to Andrew Bird more than any other artist

Red, white, or bubbly? Red or White depending on my mood and what I’m eating

What is your signature dish for a backyard barbeque? Caprese Salad

To give back (community involvement/philanthropic efforts): I’m on the Junior Board for Rock For Kids

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