NoMI Brand Ambassador ‘Class of 2012’ – Anthony Contrucci

Anthony is a Wealth Management/Strategic Products Consultant with Centier Bank.  With Centier, Anthony is on the Strategic Products Team and assists with new product development and sales.  The Strategic Products Group creates institutional financial products to service the needs of plan sponsors throughout the country.  In addition, Anthony works to identify and develop new markets for Centier in which he can introduce Centier’s wealth management and business banking services.  In this capacity, his role is to interface between all of the banks departments and ensure that his clientele are provided with holistic and comprehensive financial solutions which are delivered in a seamless synchronized delivery model.

Anthony has a passion for philanthropy and has worked with several organizations in varying capacities including that of the American Heart Association, Paws Chicago, and the Illinois & Midwest Eye-Bank.

Anthony is an avid traveler and enjoys exploring the world search of new adventures, gastronomic experiences, and exposure to diverse cultures.

Anthony, his wife Melissa, and two children (Kristoff and Aspen) live in Chicago, IL.

Get to know Anthony a little better:

Name: Anthony R. Contrucci

Title: Wealth Management/Strategic Products Consultant

Sign: Libra

Neighborhood: Gold Coast

Favorite Band/Artist: Agnostic… everything from classical and country to opera and jazz

Red, White, or Bubbly? Champagne & Prosecco

What is your signature dish for a backyard barbeque? Double cheeseburger with melted gruyere & blue cheese, caramelized onions, bacon, & paprika mayonnaise sauce on a toasted brioche bun.

To give back (community involvement/philanthropic efforts): American Heart Association, Illinois & Midwest Eye-Bank, PAWS Chicago

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