NoMI Brand Ambassador ‘Class of 2012’ – Graham Hickey

Over the course of the last two decades, Graham Hickey has played an advisory role, helping guide brands in the music, entertainment and culinary verticals. He has made a direct impact through sales and marketing at national magazines including Rolling Stone, Travel + Leisure and Food & Wine, all the while creating deep in roads and building out relationships with key players in those segments. Through these relationships, Graham played a key role in the relocation and expansion of Lollapalooza to the Chicago market. Today, he builds on that experience advising businesses in the music, restaurant and hotel industries throughout the United States.

Get to know Graham a little better:

Name: J. Graham Hickey

Twitter Handle: @grahambam

Title: Brand Advisor

Sign: Pisces

Neighborhood: Logan Square

Favorite Band/Artist: dEUS band and Stuart Davis artist

Red, white, or bubbly? All three

What is your signature dish for a backyard barbeque? Kebabs

To give back (community involvement/philanthropic efforts): New Leash on Life  Chicago

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