NoMI Brand Ambassador ‘Class of 2012’ – Andrew Kaplan

Andrew Kaplan is the Director of Rachael Ray’s nonprofit organization,Yum-o!, where he is responsible for managing its core initiatives and day-to-day operations. Andrew developed a lifestyle at a young age that involved cooking and appreciation for food. That lifestyle inspired him to create a charity that celebrated his passion for cooking and his desire to share his knowledge of the culinary world with children. After spending time with Rachael Ray, the two realized they had both grown up with a similar admiration for the culinary world and decided to launch Yum-o!. Andrew is also the Director of Special Projects for Rachael Ray/Watch Entertainment where he is involved in managing various projects and appearances for Rachael. He also served as an Associate Producer for Rachael Ray’s daytime television show, Rachael Ray.

Get to Know Andrew a little better:

Name:  Andrew “Kappy” Kaplan

Twitter Handle:  @OnKappysPlate

Title:  Director of Special Projects, Rachael Ray – Director, Rachael Ray’s Yum-o! Organization

Sign:  Aries

Neighborhood:  Wicker Park (Rookie)

Favorite Band/Artist:  Not super into music, but I will listen to whatever you put on while I am cooking

Red, white, or bubbly? Bubbles- red or white bubbles

What is your signature dish for a backyard barbeque? Bacon-Jalapeno Cole Slaw

To give back (community involvement/philanthropic efforts): I am the Director of Rachael Ray’s cooking and kids charity, but anything food/kids related, as well as hunger organizations. Also Academy for Global Citizenship in Chicago.

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