NoMI Brand Ambassador ‘Class of 2012’ – Kelli Zink

Kelli Zink grew up with a microphone in her hand, always knowing she wanted to be a reporter which saved her parents thousands of dollars as she graduated college in 4 years at  Michigan State University .

From knocking on the door of a Fox Sports production truck after a basketball game in her cheerleader uniform to winning an ESPN reality show, she did whatever it took to get her foot in the television door.

By age 22, she had been a sports anchor in two markets and decided it was time to move west. She drove her 1996 Ford to LA and helped launch the NFL Network- even creating the network’s original slogan; “Where Football Season Never Ends”.

After 3.5 wonderful years of working behind the scenes in sports she came back to the Midwest to launch

She has appeared on is and is regular guest for various TV outlets including; Anderson Cooper 360, Nancy Grace, Prime News, Showbiz Tonight, Geraldo at Large, multiple specials for TV Guide Channel and she hosts weekly segment on My Fox Chicago. Kelli has also written for various publications and hosted two network specials for ABC.

When not interviewing celebs, Kelli enjoys eating “seagan”, doing yoga, documenting her life across various social media platforms, drinking champagne and dancing like Elaine from “Seinfeld”.

Get to know Kelli better:

Name: Kelli Zink

Twitter Handle: @KelliZink



Title: Host of

Sign: Sagittarius

Neighborhood: Gold Coast

Favorite Band/Artist: The Bravery

Red, white, or bubbly? Pink bubbles

What is your signature dish for a backyard barbeque? Great conversation or a bottle of champagne

To give back (community involvement/philanthropic efforts): Bright Pink

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